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Calibrated Success Blue Ray DVD Calibrated Success Blue Ray DVD
  1. Over 6 Hours of EFI Tuning
  2. Basic Setup
  3. Injectors and Fuel Systems
  4. Air Management
  5. Spark Advance

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Advanced Training and Tuning Class with Greg Banish

Dynocom is pleased to offer Tuning and Training classes by well-known tuners and degreed engineers. These classes will offer compressive and advanced training on a variety of tuning software for domestic, European and Japanese vehicles including but not limited to – SCT, Diablo, HP Tuners, EFI Live, Megasquirt, Up Rev, etc.

Class dates: Saturday April 28, 2019 - Sunday April 29, 2018
Class time: 9am - 5pm Saturday, 9am - 1pm Sunday
Location: Dynocom Industries Fort Worth, Texas,
2447 Riverbend West Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76118

Phone: 817-284-8844
Toll Free: 1-866-436- DYNO (3966)
Fax: 817-284-8847

Cost: $1150 Per Person (includes course materials, lunch and refreshments)
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Greg Banish
Greg BanishGreg Banish is a mechanical engineer and motorsports enthusiast who works as an OEM calibrator by day and professional engine tuner in his spare time. After studying for a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at GMI Engineering & Management Institute (Kettering University), he wrote his thesis on vehicle instrumentation and measurement.

Putting this education to practical use, he founded his own performance shop outside of Detroit and has served local enthusiasts, shops, automotive companies and OEMs.  Greg spent three years working for General Motors as the hybrid powertrain calibration engineer responsible for the Chevrolet Volt fuel economy and emissions. Greg then moved to Ford Motor Company. Greg currently works at FCA in Michigan. 
Seminar Content
  • Vocabulary of calibration
  • Basic engine operation
    • Engine efficiency
    • Understanding engine airflow models and calculated load
    • Using load to determine engine needs
  • Input sensors and output controls
    • Definition of various sensors and their inputs to the PCM code
    • How the fuel injector really works
    • How the PCM models the fuel injector’s behavior
  • PCM control strategies
    • Differences between Mass Air and Speed Density operation
    • Air/fuel ratio requirements for power and emissions
    • Closed Loop fuel corrections
    • Spark requirements
  • Using a datalogger and a dynamometer as diagnostic and tuning tools
    • Wideband O2 monitoring
    • Airflow corrections
    • Finding MBT, Knock
  • Actual calibration procedure
    • Where to start for fastest results
    • Steady State vs. Transient testing
    • Temperature compensations
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